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Jung Management Group (JMG) was established upon a generational foundation in retail beauty supply. Spanning over 30 years in experience, across 4 states, JMG utilizes a 3-pronged approach focusing on opening retail storefronts in underserved markets, purchasing the real estate, and proprietary brands of key products to sustain competitive advantage.


Lux Beauty Supply, one of the main subsidiaries of JMG, has been aggressively expanding in the West Coast of the United States. With 3 stores opened in the past 2.5 years in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lux Beauty Supply is on track to opening 4 more locations in the next 1.5 years. After consolidation in Las Vegas is complete, Lux Beauty Supply is targeting new market entries into Southern California and Arizona.

Asset Management:

JMG has been diversifying its investments by focusing on increasing commercial real estate acquisition. This approach has been an integral component of sustaining long term growth by opting to purchase commercial real estate, as opposed to leasing. 

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